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Welcome to the CYL Volleyball League

The CYL was created to prepare young players for the Club experience, to elevate player skills, to strengthen the love of the game.

New Season Starts September 1st 2023

Please contact any of the programs below and ask about CYL tryouts.  If you are interested in joining the CYL program please contact us at

Note to Parents:


The CYL tryouts for each program is NOT a tryout


for the USAV program, if players wish to participate in


USAV Club Volleyball they will need to participate in club

tryouts which are in July.  Please check with each club you

are interested in playing for.

The Program:

The CYL program starts in September and runs till the last Saturday in October.

To play in the CYL program, parents should contact the desired club below and ask about tryouts for the CYL program.

The program is for 6th, 7th and 8th graders, 5th graders may also tryout but would have to play on a 6th -8th grade team.

The fee is $450 per player regardless of participating Club.

All players will receive a Jersey from the Club they joined.

High School players are not eligible to participate.

Boys that are in 5th, 6th and 7th grade can play.

What the program offers:

Starting in September, each club will offer practices throughout the season.

Each Saturday in October, teams will participate in tournaments that are held at one of the Club facilities.

Each tournament will start promptly at 8:00am.  All games should conclude around noon.

On the final Saturday, the teams which have posted the best records will play in a medal tournament. 

All other teams will play in the final tournament for the season.

The Clubs listed are currently participating in this program.

Please contact them directly to sign up for tryouts.

Please click on the Club name above each logo

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